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Online Bible Study with Diploma

Online Bible Study with Diploma

Online Bible Study that REALLY works! – Bible Institute Network

The online Bible Institute Network is a professionally-planned, state-of-the-art, online Biblical program, specifically designed to help Christians grow in their relationship with God through this unique online Bible Study. The Bible Institute Network (BIN) is a college-level, online Bible study that has been taken by people of all ages − young teens through retired adults.

The curriculum features 135 lessons. The first 90 walk you through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation (45 Old Testament and 45 New Testament). That is followed by a series of 45 lessons on Bible doctrine – also known as theology. As you successfully complete each series, you will earn a certificate of completion suitable for framing.

Why choose BIN over other Bible courses?

The BIN program stands out from all others, not only because it is one of the most organized and affordable Bible educations on the market, but more importantly because every lesson is based on the teaching of Dr. Harold Willmington, one of the greatest Bible teachers of our time. Dr. Willmington is the Dean of the Willmington School of the Bible and is an associate co-founder of Liberty University. He has personally taught over 40,000 students. In addition, over 110,000 students from all 50 states and 40 foreign countries have signed up to take the lessons offered in this course.

Once people hear Dr. Willmington teach, they realize he is the premier choice because people get what he teaches—they understand it. And they remember it! CHECK OUT DR. WILLMINGTON’S VIDEO HERE

Willmingtons Guide to the BibleDr. Willmington has written more than 20 books beginning in 1974 with The King is Coming and most recently Willmington’s Bible at a Glance. He is perhaps most well-known for the best-selling Willmington’s Guide to the Bible—considered a must-have reference that is literally on the shelf of tens of thousands of pastors throughout the world and has sold over 500,000 copies. Dr. Willmington has influenced and worked with many of the well-known pastors and world leaders of the past 50 years, including Ronald Reagan, Dr. Jerry Falwell, and so many more.

Dr. Willmington spent many years developing the curriculum used in this unique Bible study program. In a nutshell, the Bible Institute Network puts Dr. Willmington’s life work into easy-to-understand, online classes, making it possible for anyone with Internet access to reap the benefits of learning the Bible from a renowned life-long Bible teacher.

If you want to finally get a clear picture of what the Bible says and what that means for your life, this course is for you.

These lessons also make excellent studies for house churches and small Bible study groups. In addition, they are a valuable resource for international students looking for a Bible study curriculum and certification that will help them in planting churches in their respective countries.

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What will you receive?

Online Bible Study BonusAnother reason that BIN stands out over other online Bible study programs is the fact that you receive a LIFETIME BIBLE STUDY RESOURCE because the BIN curriculum contains 135 downloadable lessons. Each lesson includes Dr. Willmington’s personal class notes in PDF, an integrated lesson presentation video, a PDF student workbook, the lesson Bible Reading in KJV in PDF, the enhanced audio transcript PDF, an MP4 video file, and MP3 audio file. In addition, each lesson offers an online quiz, which is auto-graded online. You get all of this from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or phone. The Bible Institute Network offers you the resource of over 6,000 pages of organized study materials that are laid out in such a way that a student GETS IT!!! It becomes a lifelong Bible resource library for every student.

As you work your way through BIN, you will master the following modules (each containing 45 lessons):

Your total tuition for access to this online Bible institute is only $495 [$200 Scholarship available TILL 2/15/18 NOW ONLY $295 PLUS you get Bonuses] — that’s less than the cost of a single college course. This innovative, Scriptural survey plan has been carefully designed to offer all Christians the most usable Bible information from God’s Word in a way you can understand it and in the least amount of time possible!

In essence, it presents a Brand New Look at the Grand Old Book!

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The Bible Institute Network is a great opportunity for you to obtain the best Bible education available only $495  [$200 Scholarship available TILL 2/15/18 NOW ONLY $295 PLUS you get Bonuses]  (that’s for the entire course of 135 lessons),  and that is a fraction of what you would pay at any Bible College for just one class!

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This program is affordable for anyone; join today for only $495!
[$200 Scholarship available TILL 2/15/18 NOW ONLY $295 PLUS you get Bonuses]
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